Don’t let scraped, bent or worn wheels ruin the look of your car.

Whether it’s a cosmetic abrasion caused by rocks, broken asphalt, a curb scuff or scrape due to unintentional contact or some other road hazard, there are times when wheels need to be repaired and refinished.

EG Wheels offers comprehensive wheel repair and refinishing services. Alloy, steel, forged, cast, painted, polished – we can do it all! Save yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars by simply repairing your wheels versus replacing them. From minor scrapes and nicks to major curb rash, we can fix your wheels to look like brand new. Restoring your wheels to a like new condition for considerably less than the cost of buying new wheels.

And don’t forget, in addition to wheel damage repairs, we can also perform


  • Wheel restorations for vintage vehicles
  • Professional Wheel Polishing
  • Brake caliper repainting and/or color changes
  • Complete 4-wheel color changes (a cost-effective way to instantly give your car a totally different look)
  • Show-quality suspension refinishing


Wheel Repair and Straightening

Potholes, curbs, road hazards and debris can cause bends to the inner and/or outer lip of a wheel resulting in air pressure loss, uneven tire wear, vibrations at high speeds and alignment issues.  In most cases,  bent wheels can be safely straightening with our wheel straightening & repair services.

We use safe and effective techniques on our patented wheel straightening system. Our safety inspection process requires the technician to measure run-out and check for hidden cracks using a dye penetrant and blacklight. If our inspection determines that a bent wheel is safe to straighten, a EG Wheels specialists will straighten using our pressure relaxation wheel straightening system.


Succeeding the competition by offering Top Quality work and competitive prices.

Brake calipers are exposed to constant heat cycles, brake dust and various environmental substances all the time. Because of this, they have a notorious reputation for aging rather quickly.  It’s always a good idea to refinish your calipers as you will not only have a chance to make them look new again, but also being able to protect them against any further corrosion and rust.


Brake Refinishing Process


  1. We strip calipers down to the bare core (media blast) in order to removed 99.9% of the original finish. 
  2. We begin the prep work involved in surface bonding by cleaning.
  3. Apply a finishing which includes coloring. This allows the calipers to dry-naturally. 
  4. We then apply graphics and a clear-coat allowing to dry naturally.
  5. The hard-bake treatment begins.  The hard-bake treatment will make the finish paint/clear form a solid bond between the two finishes so that the clear does not separate.


We DO NOT powder coat brake calipers, this has proven negative both as a finishing result and performance draw-back during our initial testing phases.  The base price for brake caliper refinishing starts at $160 each. However call for current prices as they can change without notice or may change depending on custom finishing options or graphics when submitted as a set of four pieces at once. 


Stock colors include:


  1. Guards Red
  2. Speed Yellow
  3. Black
  4. Silver Metallic
  5. Alpine white. 


We do offer more color options and diamond finishes for a little more so call for details. We also provide a service in picking up your parts. Why fight traffic and go out of your way when we can go to you? You also have the option in mailing in your calipers to.


Due to many unseen circumstances in the refinishing and repairing of vehicle parts we can only give you an estimate on a completion time. There can be many variables that can delay the completion time. We are good at what we do


If you are interested in our services then you will need to sign our online waiver. Please click here.

Our offices are open from Mon- Fri 8:00am to 5:00pm. Call to speak to one of our sales reps to get your brake calipers refinished. 1-877-801-8647. We are licensed and insured.


Succeeding the competition by offering Top Quality work and competitive prices.



  1. Your wheels gets checked for small imperfections such as curb-rash, bends and cracks, we use a hydraulic press designed only for repair rims to make our corrections
  2. Your wheels gets repaired such as welding, aluminum fill and resurfacing.
  3. Your wheels get prepared for paint, we strip the wheel down in order to have a good surface to perform the first paint layer.
  4. Your wheels are dipped in our Hot-Ultra-Sonic tank which is a similar to those used to clean your jewelry only MUCH bigger.
  5. We have your wheels pulled out of the Hot tank to a cold water bath.
  6. We remove your wheels from the cold water bath and give them a high pressure blast to ensure all of the water from the Hot and Cold tanks are removed completely.
  7. Your wheels are then prepared for painting, here certain areas will be masked.
  8. Your wheels will receive their color coat of choice, this first layer is in a flat to better absorb into the aluminum while acting as a primer coating.
  9. Your wheels are clear coated either in Flat, Semi-Gloss or High-Gloss.
  10. Your wheels are touched up from masking and such.
  11. Your wheels are allowed to cure in a dry room so that the paint may take its time to cure on it’s own before the baking process begins.
  12. Your wheels are baked in our bakers, we cannot disclose as to the temperatures or times we use as this is a trade secret but we will ensure you that the process is near nowhere close to the heat others use when they use in powder coating treatment.


At this point your wheels only need to cure which takes around 12-24 hours more before you’re safe to mount your tires.


On a set of one piece wheels it typically takes us one week from the time we have the wheels only ready to work on. On a set of two or three piece wheels it will typically take 2-3 weeks to have them completely finished.

We offer a full-year warranty on the quality of our refinishing such as paint but we do not cover items such as abuse, damage caused by installers or elements which are out of our control. We offer a base warranty on our “damage work” such as cracks and bends. What a base warranty means is that the wheel must be inspected before it is mounted on the car, we cannot offer a warranty beyond this point for damage repairs since we have no way monitoring the wheels and the damage which can occur after they are driven on.

We also provide a service in picking up your wheels for local customers only. Why fight traffic and go out of your way when we can go to you? 

You are welcome to ship your wheels to us but we do not cover any of the shipping cost. Shipping in the USA cost an average of $25-50 just depending on how large and how heavy your wheels are. I would say that the average cost from my experience through the US is around $25-35 on a light weight 19″ wheel just to give you an idea. We will insure your wheels for as much as you want us to, insurance cost around $2 per $100 of insurance so keep that in mind when you ask for insurance coverage. We treat all customers as though they are all walk-in customers so if there is warranty work to be completed we WILL-NOT cover any shipping charges here or back. Keep this in mind before shipping your wheels out to us. You have the right to request photos of your wheels before paying for the finished work but it might delay your order by up to two days depending on how busy we are. We highly encourage you to request photo prior to shipping so you won’t encounter shipping charges. We also recommend dealing with a shop which is local to you if you’re worried about shipping.



Our offices are open from Mon- Fri 8:00am to 5:00pm. Call to speak to one of our sales reps to get your wheels refinished. 1-877-801-8647. We are licensed and insured.